Demo and Real Accounts on ExpertOption

Distinguishing between a real account and a demo account might seem straightforward, yet many users grapple with this. Especially those questioning 'how to cash out funds from a demo account' or 'why I need one at all' — this article delves into the key differences and benefits.

A demo account simulates real trading without using actual funds. You receive $10,000 in virtual currency to practice. Why virtual money? Digital trading is challenging — it offers potential for quick earnings, but "fast" doesn't mean "easy"!

What's the challenge, you ask? Success hinges on skills, experience, and knowledge. Without these, profit is elusive, and losses are probable. To safeguard your funds, start by learning to trade with virtual money through the demo account.


On the demo account, real stock quotes are mirrored, but your bids don't impact the market. Unlike a real scenario, if you buy gold with a virtual million, the market won't react. The demo's primary purpose is learning, developing intuition, and studying strategies and indicators for later use on a real account to earn actual profits.

It's very easy to open a demo account on the ExpertOption platform. To do this, just click the "Try free demo" button on the main page. Now you will have access to all the functions available on a real account, except for those related to the deposit and withdrawal of money (or bonuses). 

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Don't be afraid to be wrong! The demo account was created for this precise reason. Like a virtual flight simulator, a demo account protects you from a hard landing or worse, a plane crash.


Explore diverse strategies, utilize various indicators (ExpertOption offers several dozen), experiment with trading along current trends or against the market, and consider Social Trading, where you can replicate the trades of other traders.

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Ultimately, you will create your own unique trading style and be ready to trade real money!

We wish you successful trading!





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